For us Italians, eating is never an end in itself, so even “table setting” becomes an important part of dining. ÉCASA proposes a series of items including place mats, napkin ties, place marks for glasses and fruit bowls. For a stylish table where details make the difference.

The aperitif

Whether served at the table, standing up or in a public place different from where dinner will be served, the aperitif is part of Italian tradition and its origins go back centuries.
Inspired by the classic Italian aperitivo, where the leading role is played by a glass of good wine complemented by few simple appetisers, ÉCASA reinterprets it in a contemporary spirit with a pop art flavour, creating very colourful “wine bags”, place marks for goblets, bowls for ice cubes or pretzels and nuts.

Experiencing the home

There is no place like home, and we want to take care of its every detail. Hence, the furnishing elements we choose become an integral part of our being.
With the new ÉCASA collection, we want to bestow the pleasure of experiencing the home in total harmony with nature. Yellow pendant lights to give you the sun even in winter, green home fragrance diffusers for a whiff of spring breeze, and sand, red or blue flower pots for your favourite plant!